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Angie Everhart is a household name and has graced the covers of over a hundred elite magazines such as Elle, Glamour, Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Fitness and more. She is one of the most versatile celebrities in the world, unilaterally conquering modeling and acting. Talia Maddock is a Celebrity Interior Designer who’s worked with HGTV, Michael’s, CBS and a talk show host of Let’s Talk Breast Health. Shar Jackson is an actress, singer and Celebrity personality who's best known for playing Niecy Jackson on the UPN show Moesha and winner of MTV reality show Celebrity Rap Superstar.

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My last few weeks have been some of the most fascinating weeks of my life. Very eye opening…or mind opening shall I say. If you are thinking about getting breast implants, had them, or have them, you may want to listen to my story.


I had breast implants put in my body when I was in my 20’s, my boyfriend at the time convinced me that I needed larger breasts. While I was under, he and the surgeon decided I didn’t need a large C cup but they chose to give me DD’s while I was under sedation. They put huge silicone implants in me, which took six (6) surgeries to remove. In this process, I got cancer, almost died, and have been sick with a laundry list of ailments due to the capsules and silicone in my body.


One implant ruptured, when my son was born, so I decided to take everything out of my body…or so I thought. What I didn’t know was that the capsules had been left in my body, this is the protective layer the body builds around the silicone implant. So even if there is a saline filled implant, the outer shell of the implant is made up of silicone. There are 40 different toxic materials that make up a silicone implant that is placed by vital organs… no wonder so many women are getting very sick from implants.


This illness is called BII - Breast Implant Illness. On my explant, my DR. left my capsules in my body which was the equivalent of a dirty rag being left in my chest for my body to try and expel. There is no way for the body to rid of the capsules, so this is why, I believe, that I got thyroid cancer.


My body was taxed, I got ‘brain fog’ which was the WORST symptom of them all. This is when the brain is not getting enough oxygen flow and the swelling in the body restricts proper blood and oxygen to flow, creating a forgetful fog over the brain. Words that were once easily spoken, were gone. I could visualize the object, say a pumpkin, but my brain would not retrieve the word. I had to play descriptive word games to find the word pumpkin.


After the capsulectomy, the brain fog lifted and I have made it my mission to pay this forward and let women know there is a cure for these horrible symptoms. I started doing a weekly podcast to talk about women’s health issues and what inspires them. I swore I would help and inform men and women of my trials, so they didn’t have to spend years trying to figure out what is wrong with them.


Now is the time to talk about this with women all over the world, change our insurance policies, train doctors and help women who are sick from their implants. Women are dying from the symptoms of BII and it is disgraceful that the company that makes them knows this! Let us change the future for our children to live in a healthier and happier environment. My son will now get to live with a healthy mother and for this I am eternally grateful to the women who helped me figure this out.



I was a healthy, fit, vibrant mom, wife and business owner until.... until I got Breast Implants, the marketed “Safe Saline Implants”. Three months after getting my breast implants I began suffering from adult onset asthma and then a checklist of new symptoms for 10 years. 


I asked, and I asked, and I asked doctors, practitioners, specialists, and on and on why was I literally falling into a free fall decline of my health? Could it be my implants? Cue the eye rolls and the “Oh goodness no’s”.


Sudden food allergies...many life threatening, asthma, chemical sensitivities, rashes, facial and eyelid swelling, joint pain, diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, Hashimotos, ringing in my ears, vertigo, hair falling out, troubling swallowing, TMJ, debilitating brain fog and exhaustion, ovarian cysts, pre-cancerous polyps in the colon, digestion issues, anxiety, cold and heat intolerance, rapid aging, heart palpitations, neck and shoulder pain, near fainting spells, onset of seasonal allergies, blurry vision, reoccuring infections... and all of these debilitating symptoms were apparently all related to stress? That’s what the doctors would say to me or my husband. I have an over active imagination?


By the grace of God my good girlfriend and hair stylist told me about “Breast Implant Illness”one day. I researched and joined a private group on Facebook called "Healing Breast Implant Illness by Nicole", and found MY HOPE.


I sadly found thousands of women who where experiencing the same exact symptoms, some even worse. I also found hundreds and hundreds of women who had explanted and all of their symptoms dissappered. They were healing. I was hopeful for the first time in 10 years. I explanted 3 months after finding out about Breast Implant Illness. The day I was explanted I woke up feeling FANTASTIC. Most of my symptoms disappeared that day never to return. I am about 95% healed now. It. Was. My. Implants.


The moment I found out about BII I began sharing my journey on social media to help other women. I knew how alone and scared I felt. I knew what it felt like to be made to feel crazy. I began my crusade for living a clean, organic life, centered around health and wellness, being mindful of what we are putting into our bodies and helping women do the same.  I merged my passion for wellness into my interior design firm, Talia Corrine Interiors,  vowing to create healing and beautiful spaces.


I continued sharing my BII stories and health and wellness tips on social media and a producer discovered me and offered me my own show, “Let’s Talk Breast Health” on The Live Broadcast Network. I traveled the country interviewing women, moms, celebrities about their stories with Breast Implant Illness and Breast Cancer and that’s how I met the lovely Angie Everhart!


I was and still am on a mission to help women by bringing THEIR stories to light on a public platform. Healing takes place and hope is born when we are able share our stories of adversity. Suffering has meaning and purpose the moment you use your journey to pull others out of their darkness and into the light. “Let’s Talk Women’s Health” is just that. Angie, Shar and I are women on a mission to make impactful change through open, raw, authentic conversations. Who’s ready? Let’s Talk! xoxo Talia



As a mother of four and a single parent, I care deeply care about my family's health. I know what it is to be a strong woman - Because I have strong women in my family. My mother Clarice has undergone 3 amanuensis, a stint surgery, and knee surgery in the past 10 years. When given a 7% chance of survival, she defied the odds and survived. Everyone calls her a walking miracle. She also struggled as a single mother working 25 years at the United States Postal Service.


I believe in teaching our children about healthy living which is essential to living a balanced life. We must educate each other with the things we have learned as women so we can grow and nurture others.


Health and fitness is a major part of my daily life. I exercise regularly. I make good and healthy meals for my family. I'm so excited to continue sharing that message as part of Let's Talk!

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